memory. 1992.

Intaglio, 11x14"(28x35.5cm)

I created this work like a picture diary from my memory of visiting the Metoropolitan Museum of Art. Although I went to the MET uncounted times while I was in Pratt after this work, the impression of the MET was very intensive for me in those days. I created this picture based on some sort of nostalsic atmosphere of ancient artworks in the MET. After I created this first editon, Mr. Blaustin came and suggested to emphasis vertical lines. As a result, the illusion like cracked picture was blocked by vertical lines more clearly and the whole structure of this work was improved. After three years in 1995, I tryed to creat a little conceptual work with using this print. Please see the work, " Memory of History " in the section, project-work on this site.