Memory of History. 1995.

Form(words), Black ink(Intaglio) on BFK-paper, Chacoal-pencil on wall

I created this work after I had graduated from Pratt Institute. At the end of the final semester, I was trying to creat a work of the same subject. But, It seemed to be difficult to understand. And, I felt it was not so good. So, I recreated this work. Simply, this work is about ' memory and history.' In those days, I was in a situation which let me think about that kind of issue. This work itself does not insist on anything. I try to creat some kind of place or equipment to think about ' memory and history.' In many cases, a contemporary art is not an answer but a question. I also created this work like that.

I think, memory is personal. And, history is more public or concerned with a community or a country. At this work, we can see, words created by forms, " MEMORYHISTORY." It seems to be connected or confusing, if we watch this work from a distance. But, if we get close to this work, we can see a word, " of "(zoom), written by chacoalpencil on the wall like a child letter. And, we might be able to read " MEMORY of HISTORY." And also, words are notions. But, I created the words, " MEMO....." by forms. So, words are objects. It also might be a kind of metaphor in dual senses.

According to prints below words, I created them based on my memory of visiting in the Metoropolitan Museum of Art in 1992. (See the work by zoom). People might feel some sensibility and also a little critical view against illusion or reproduction.
Anyway, although I talked about this work a little at this time, people might think different things, when they just watch this work.