I think that print is on the edge between (painting, drawing) and publishing.We can see print as traditional publishing. But, art print is different from just reproduction of painting. Actually, print is different media from painting or drawing.
And also, according to a 2-dimentional work, I think that drawing, painting and print are in the same group. There are not so fundamental differences. Many artists creat drawing, painting and print like Picasso.

My final major in Pratt was printmaking/fine arts. That reason why is that I just wanted to creat a lot of prints in classes. And, in Pratt, we can take some other field classes like design, architecture, film and so on. And, we need to take some classes as elective credits.
I tryed to creat not only intaglio and woodcut on this site, but also silkscreen, lithograph, monoprint and collagraph. Mainly, I took three teachers' classes, Mr.Toulist, Mrs. Romano and Mr. Blaustin.

Mr. Vasilios Toulist was a chairperson of printmaking department and taught me silkscreen. But, it is sorry that I have no good pieces of photograph at this time. I asked him not only silkscreen but also various matters.

Mrs. Clare Romano was a good teacher of relief print like woodcut. To my suprise, she had a lot of works collected by the Metropolitan, MoMA and other museums. Actually, there are many teachers in Pratt, whose works were collected by that kind of museum. And, she showed us mamy Japanese chisels and original Ukiyoe prints.

My intaglio teacher was Mr. Al Blaustin. Most people might know the kind of pint name as etching. Etching is only one part of technique of Intaglio. Intaglio include etching, drypoint, acquatint, sugar lift, engraving and so on. I took a lot of Mr. Blaustin's classes. That reason why is that his suggestions were interesting and I like his works which he drawed people.

Basically, I creat at least a few editions until the final editon of a print. It is often the case that I have not decided the final image of a print, when I start to creat a plate. I often showed Mr. Blaustin my print on the way and talked with him. And also, when I was working in printmaking studio, some friends came to see my work and say something. And, I thought about that. That is one of interesting points of printmaking processes. I like that. I am thinking that pintmaking is one of my life long works.

According to these prints on this web site, every work was not always created from the same starting point of inspiration. But, I think, these prints have some sort of continuity. Some works tend to be narrative images and I put titles on them. But, especially, there is no deep meaning behind them. I hope each person looks these works as these works or interpret on one's own way.