Tomomi passed through a concourse in Shinjuku station and went up on the platform of JR Chuou(center) line. There were not so many people there and she could take a train which she could sit down easily.

On Saturday, afternoon one p.m., Tomomi directly brought a work which she had finished last night to an advertising company in Shinjuku, in which is one of her clients, in the morning. And then, she dropped in a book store in East Exit and a PC shop, which she often go once a few weeks, in West Exit and bought some necessary things. Tomomi lives in Kichijoji. But, today, she is going to Kokubunji where Ryu-suke Fukuhara lives, beyond 5 stations from Kichijoji.

She was thinking about a work which she had come to a pause after almost three months in a train, after the train started for a while. But, around passed Nakano, she turned around to look vacantly out the train windows. And, she thought Ryu-suke's words once again.

Temporary housing...she can see a landscape which is familiar to her keeps extending to a distance. Houses, apartments, professional schools, company buildings and so on. The safe impression is good. But, it is still featureless, a little bit. Any images do not spring up in my head. Do people from foreign countries feel some kind of exotic atmosphere, when they walk in housing districts in Japan ? The messy atmosphere in the city was good, while Japanese economy was growing. But, now, I sometimes feel some defects from the landscape recently.

Tokyo is a city which once became a burnt field by air bombing during the World War ll . And then, it was reconstructed very fast. So, compared to a city like Europe or New York where there are still a lot of the19 century apartments or buildings, we might feel, Tokyo's landscape looks shallow a little bit.

It might be a little strange, I was thinking like, I couldn't belive here was a burnt field fifty years ago...

Even a painting, a painting created in layers many times is totally different from a painting finished one day outside. A painting which we have covered a picture below completely with white and dried, it is different from a painting which we paint on a new canvas. Because, the touches of brush strokes will slightly change. And also, if we get close and look carefully, we can see a net of canvas. In most cases, a creative process comes out to the result.

Did Ryu-suke look a process which Tokyo became a burnt field from the town in Tokyo, when the 20 century is almost over ?

But, I feel, the way of looking is too dark. To be sure, an apartment constructed of light steel and bult thirty years ago and not cleaned well, maybe, a temporary house is better, isn't it ? Even in the United States, the east caust apart, I don't think, a white cottage in Santamonica has been there for many centuries. If it is summer, I want to live in a cottage.

Originally, Japanese houses were made of wood. If we have no airconditioner, we can not live in a house made of stone or concret, because it is too hot and dump. After all, it should be stuff which suit climate in each place. In Three Pigs Tale, rather than a wood house, a brick house is...Pu lu lu lu lu. Pu lu lu lu lu lu. Oh! it's a cellular phone.

" Yes. This is Tomomi Nakahara. Thank you for your offices all the time. What ? I see, Yes, Uh..., It's in a file called file C in Zip......Yes, Yes, Oh, now, I'm in a train. But, it is all right. There is no one around here......Yes. It's also, everything in file C......At this time, according to the work, I did everything by a digital camera. So, original is, it is original......Yes, Yes, All of them were directed by an art director, Mr. Katayama......Yes. I can do it. It's Version 5.0. Yes, Yes, everything is in my computer......So, I will send its sample on line. Yes, I am glad to make your acquaintance. See you."

The train arrived at Kichijoji. Six or seven people got out. And then, a few people got into Tomomi's train. Today, she does not get off a station which she always gets off. She is just watchig a view continuing to the platform with sitting.

Since her school days, Tomomi Nakahara has been living in the same apartment near Inogashira Park in Kichijoji for many years. Because, she attended a school along JR Chuou line. And also, when one of her seniors graduated, she could rent her apartment with very cheap price in place of her senior. And, every Tomomi's close friends lived in Kichijoji.
After she graduated, she had worked in a design office in Tokyo city area for almost two years. For a reason, she quited the company and became a freelance. But, she has been living in the same apartment for the time.

Kichijoji is in Musashino city. The area code is not 03 but 0422. But, access of trains is very good.
If we take a high speed train of JR Chuou line, it takes 17 minutes to Shinjuku and 28 minutes to Tokyo station on one line. Shibuya is also 17 minutes by Keiou Inogashira line. JR Soubu line to Chiba stop at Kichijoji too. One of subway lines, Touzai line extend the route and stop. If we go to Ogikubo from two stations from Kichijoji, we can transfer to Marunouchi line of Tokyo subways. Ogikubo is the final stop of Marunouchi line, so we can sit down at the rate of 100 percent. Kichijouji is a junction of trains in the outskirts. Maybe, it is one of the biggest reasons why Kichijoji developed. At present, Kichijoji is the largest town among any staions until Shinjuku or Shibuya.

As a mean except trains, Tomomi also has a motorcycle. One day, she found a little classical style motorcycle in front of a motorcycle shop in her neiborhood. It was a black Honda CB250 limited style. And, it was a totally new one. While Tomomi, who had wanted to ride a motorcycle since before, was watching the motorcycle in front of the shop some times, she came to want to ride the motorcycle by all means. So, she decided to buy it.
She took a riding license, after she bought the motorcycle. As Tomomi does not have any friends who ride a motorcycle, she a little asked advice from a shopmam and went to a riding school for about one month and got a riding license of middle class. She regulary went to a riding school, so there was no problem specially and she could take a riding license smoothly.

Now, she has riding experience for many years. But, in Tomomi's case, she couldn't make any motorcycle friends and has no experience to ride on Okutama or Hakone's corners. And also, she has no experience to go on a long touring.
It was all she rided to Wangan-douro ( bay area route ) or Yokohama on Daisankeihin, where is near Tokyo city area, some times. Except that, for thity minutes or one hour, she rides around her neiborhood and came back for refleshing herself. It is her most case. She has been busy for something since her school days.

When she goes to work, she hardly use her motorcycle so much. As there is Kichijoji outside kanjo 8-gousen ( No. 8 circle route ), it is still, quite far from the center of Tokyo city.
If we use Chuou high way and the road is not so crowded, it takes about 20 minutes to Shinjuku. But, if we use general, no charge down roads like Koushu-kaidou or Inogashira-douri, it takes almost one hour.
When Aum terro had happened, she went to work by her motorcycle for a while, till the matter was soluted once. But, now, she takes trains again.
If we use a motorcycle, the time change depending on traffic conditions and she exactly can not read the time to the place that she has not been to. After all, Tomomi is thinking that a train is the best not to waste time and arrive at punctually.

At Mitaka station, more people got off her train. And, when she noticed, the train became less and less crowded. Is it because I got in a train in front of trains ? Or, because it is a holiday on Saturday afternoon ? In her train, there are only an old woman and one young couple at front. Tomomi sits at the end of her train.

But, it is curious, I took this kind of less crowded train in the daytime. With thinking like that, Tomomi made sure that people in her train are quite far from her and never look at her side. And then, she turned and put her legs on the train's long chair like a sofa. And, she decided to relax for a while.

It is still summer outside. The afternoon sunlight is strong, it seems to be quite hot. But, the inside of this train is very comfortable, because there are airconditioners. This is like a chartered train. If I look the whole inside of this train carefully like this, I think, one box of a train, in which there are not so many people, is a quite large space. If there are not so many people, I can see views outside windows very well. I can see windows from the fron to the end.

After a while, Tomomi also noticed, if she leans her neck to the center and slides a viewpoint, she can look both sides of windows at the same time.
I try to slide my viewpoint a little by a little. And, finally, I bring my viewpoint to a door which I can see at the farthest front in this train. I try to look the whole landscape reflected the range of my vision consciously, from the inside of this train to the outside of this train as much as I can.
If I do so, I see very well, this high speed train is running through on an elevated railroad above the town spreading on the ground. I can see thick clouds at the end of summer, spreading in the distance.

If I think, maybe, I have not looked both sides of window at the same time like this. I have took this train at uncountable times for many years, though.

How am I looking out train windows ?......when I sit on a seat, I can't look very well, as someone often stands in front of me. And also, I a little care about persons sitting on the front seat, so I don't look so much. Besides, it is through the front windows or I turn and look a little, when a train is not so crowded.

It is when I am standing with hanging on to a strap that I can see a view the best. But, in the case, I am watching passing views vertically. So, I am just looking with moving my eyes right and left.

Tomomi took a little casual type of single-lens reflex camera from a black rucksack at her usual. She tries to bring it as often as possible, for location hunting, when she goes to the place that she never been to. She sometimes works as a photographer or a writer, depending on a work.

Like the same way as the last time, I try to look like painting a picture of one point perspective. I can see many, many silver window frames made of metal which are continuing on both sides. Landscapes are flowing on both sides regardless of those silver frames.

Tomomi checked the height of her view. And, at the point which the range of her vision was the widest, she tried to set up a camera and look into a finder.

Wait a minute, this might be not good a little......Even though I try to look the same landscape through a frame of a camera, the spread feeling disapeared a while ago. I feel, the range of my vision is so narrow. Even if I try to set up my camera at the widest of three times zoom lens, I still feel, it is so narrow.

But, anyway...Tomomi thought how she would do just a moment. And, she changed from full-auto to manual shutter speed and set it quite slow. And, she set the diaphragm to the sky in the outside windows. The inside of this train might turn dark a little. And, with thinking like, it is good, if the outside landscapes flow as beautiful as possible, she stopped her breath to stop her hands' shaking and pressed the shutter just once.