In a room, a 16 mm film projector is turning with making sounds. A cinema is continuous photographs which be shot 24 times per second. When we watch a cinema, it is projected at the same speed as shooting. By human eyes' afterimages and perception's ambiguity, we can watch the images moving smoothly. But, depending on individuals, it is said that some people can look each frames one by one.
It was not so difficult to find that kind of person among people whom Ryu-suke Fukuhara used to keep company with. Among people in what people call a cinema industry, there are some people like that. But, it is not always connected with the profession.

Not on to a screen, today, images are being projected on to a white wall directly. Just three persons, Ryu-suke, Tomomi and Yuriko are watching films which Tomomi and Yuriko had shot. The truth is that there must be two more members, but they did not come today. As images are projected from a projector put in a farther room and there is not so long distance, images which are projected about 10 feet scale on a wall are dazzling a little.

On a street corner, Yuriko is setting a tripod and setting a videocamera or a 8 mm film camera.
A close-up of Yuriko's face, that she is looking at a town over a camera. And then, she looked into a finder.
Images around a railway bridge from East Exit to West Exit in Shinjuku. Images shot with moving a camera right and left slowly. And also, Close-ups of a signboad, etc which was shot like photographs just a few second, many many those short images continue.

Yuriko is sitting on the grass ground with holding her knees. Farther direction behind Yuriko, we can see that a forest goes on to a distance endlessly.
Yuriko's face in profile is projected for a while. Her face seems to be thinking deeply or depressing.
A shot of holding her knees was projected again for a while, and overlapped rain in a moment. keeping the totally same composition, the scene changed to that Yuriko was holding her knees in real rain, and the scene continued for a while. Yuriko got wet all over in the rain.

Tomomi is walking with holding a lot of, some kind of stuff like big branches on a country road from a distance. The sunlight in the middle of summer is very strong. Heat waves is shimmering.

In a printmaking studio. Tomomi and Yuriko are printing together. Tomimi who turning a big press machine.
A nude picture printed in deep indigo blue.
A press machine is turning. They are working together on about a 7 feet big paper.
A deep rose red inclined a little umber is being printed over a deep indigo blue nude pictue. And also, a deep yellow backdrop was slowly printed over it again.

A face drawed only lines, black and white prints come out from left to right, slowly, one by one. About ten prints put on the whole screen.

A computer screen just shot is projected. On the screen, a nude figure picture is projected, which is a female who shows her back, a little twisted her body and put her elbows on a window frame. The picture is drawn with thick and dark lines.
A little blueish gray background whose light and dark are inverted and changed to a burnt umber background in a moment by a picture effect. Black and thick lines turn to pure-white lines. They look shinig on a cumputer screen.
A new photo of a bedroom comes out and over the figure picture with a little slidden. We can see flowers, like spring camellia or cherry blossoms, are blooming through the window of the bedroom photo. The inside of the room is a little dark. On the photogragh, the former figure drawing which was took out the background and left just figure drawing compounded with changing its size on some steps.
In addition, a tool like airspray came out on the picture and sprayed a little purpleish white. And, English letters were typed there.

Still images, flowers and grasses shot as close-ups, are continuing for a while. Images of wild birds moving on a lake.

In a quite dark and a little blueish room, Yuriko sits on a floor. With slow-motion images, a camera is getting close to Yuriko with shaking slowly, a little by a little. In a short time, a camera is shooting a Yuriko's profile like sitting beside Yuriko.

In the early morning, it is just after dawning outside. A quite deep mist hangs on a lake. A scene which is a blue tone. Yuriko's face is projected under right on to a screen. In the backdrop, we can see a lake. When Yuriko's eye and lip were projected as close-ups and a little out of focus for a while, films were all over.

" Is the scene, which it starts rainning in a forest, Inogashira Park ? "
" Yes."
" So..., it seems, the forest continues endlessly."
" We shot in the place called Musashino-zatubokurin ( rough forest ). If we avoid a traffic sign and fances, we can look like that, depending on angles. Inogashira Park might have almost 2 miles from end to end, if it's included every parts like Natural Cultural Park."
" Both Tomomi and I live in its neiborhood. So, we could do like that. But, we were waiting for long days, because the rainy day didn't come so easily."
Tomomi and Yuriko are nodding each other.

" Who thought that ? "
" Most images is Tomomi."
" Yuriko is a main actress and a music director."
" Around the printmaking part, we decided with talking each other."
" You got wet all over in the rain. So, you did'nt catch cold ? "
" Yes. Very hot days had continued. So, if I got well all over like that, it was comfortable instead."
" I see...In a forest, it starts to rain, it is likely setting. But, it was very beautifully overlapped from the fine day to the rainy day."

" You see, the scene that Yuriko was projected finally ? "
" Yes."
" Yuriko was shot very beautifully, wasn't she ? "
" Yes. it was pretty good, some kind of private feeling. "
" That's, Yuriko had a camera last. And, she shot flowers, wild birds, something like that. And, after that, Tetsuya shot about Yuriko. "
" Oh...that makes sence. Well, first of all, I was thinking that this movie gonna be like a lesbian film. So, how is Tetsuya going to do at this time. He said last time, like he wants to participate in this movie."
" His work seems to be very serious recently. But, he was shooting a camera, with enjoying himself very much."
" Is he also working today ? Today is Saturday. "
Yuriko nods like a little uninteresting.
Oh, I had that one, Tomomi said like that and took a cassete tape out and walked to and put the tape into a radio-cassette.

To be continued...

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