I was always taking drawing classes at Pratt. Figure, general, landscape, abstract, with using pen, pencil, brush, chacoal, chacoalpencil and whatever. Some people might think that drawing is practice for painting. But, basically, drawing is different media from painting. And, in New York, it is not so rare that an exhibition of only drawing takes place. And, in a drawing class, a teacher said to us, " Let's create works of art ! " I think that works of art come out regardless of the inside or outside of classrooms.

I took three drawing teachers' classes, Mr. Sayler, Mr. Hall and Mr. Faust. Each teacher taught us diverse approaches of drawing. According to three drawings at the top, I created them in Mr. Sayler class. I felt that his approach was the most orthodox. Mr. Hall was very tough. For instance, he assigned us 1000 axes of figures as a homework. And, I remember Mr. Faust was always talking about fundamental issues about drawing.

I like two figure drawings. I think, figure or body is a still valid subject for artist, although I am not a kind of artist who always draw figure. Pratt had very good circumstances for drawing figure. There is a $1 drawing session at night everyweek. At the end of spring semester, there was an drawing event, " drawthon " which draw 16 models for 12 hours over night. Unfortunately, now I am not in good circumstances to draw figure. But, I want to try it again.

The outside of class and now, I usually keep a few sketch books or newsprint pads and draw anything as I like. In my case, drawing is very important and it often be a starting point of any types of artworks. I sometimes did more than 100 pieces of drawing as a project work. At the next time, I want to show some of them. And, now I a little started to draw people and landscape which is almost like illustration. I also want to show them as a project work at the next time.