For almost one year, I was writing some fictions rather than visual works except some drawings. I did not creat very great visual works in this term. So, I decided to exhibit this writing project. But, if you read this story, you might find some relations with visual arts. Especally, contemporary art and cinema, movie.

At this time, I wrote this story in Japanese first. And then, I translated it into English. It is more easy for me to write in my first language. But, I am always thinking, if I creat something, I want to show it to not only Japanese but also people in any country. I do not think that English is only international language. But, compared to Japanese, English is more international. And, I can not write any other languages.
It's just a pratical reason. And, it is also for my English writing practice.
So, please ensure my poor English writing. If you seek pefect English, please do not read this story. I think, if someone who is a native English writer check this story, it is much better. But, now, there is any person who can do it around me.

Originally, this work is a long story. I am not planning to show everything on this site. Because, I created this work to publish in Japan, although I have no connections in publishing industry right now. And, this is too long to translate by myself.

Anyway, I will upload one more chapter, Musashino during this summer, which could be read like a short story.
And also, I plan to upload an essay around this work during next a few week.
Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy this work.

May 2000, Tokyo

Yuji Ito

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