According to these small color paintings, I did not creat them to try to be an abstract painting master like Rothko. I just created them from my interest in color. Color is very mysterious and interesting. I sometimes like to stick to this kind of simple and fundamental subject. I want to try to find a good book about color someday. Mr.churchill Davenport was a very good color teacher.We put and mixed a lot of color from landscapes, still lives or some subjects and discussed about them.

According to three 3D works at the middle, I created them in Mr.Bruce Colvin's class, 3-dimentional design. So, they are not complete modern sculptures. He assigned us 5 projects like these in one semester. Basically, he gave us very simple frames and processes of projects. And, each students created totally different works. It is sometimes competitive. That reason why I show these three works is, first of all, I like these three works. And, at critiques, reputations of Mr. Colvin and other students were good.
I remember, in the first day of his class, Mr. Colvin talked us about Bauhaus. He is Jewish. And, I also heard from an architecture student that some Bauhaus teachers were teaching at Pratt ago. But, I am not sure that the exact relation with these projects. Anyway, Pratt has that kind of tradion.