From winterm 1992 to spring 1995, I was attending an art college, Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. And, I created a lot of works there. But, after I graduated from Pratt, I have been losing an opportunity to show my works. So, I decided to creat this web site. Most of works on this web site, I created while I was in Pratt. So, this is a kind of," Art School Art Exhibition on The Web."
In Pratt, My major was fine arts. But, I want to keep creating not only art but also design, film and writing with parallel processes for a while. In the future, there is a possibility that I will concentrate on a specific medium. But, I am not sure about the future so much. And, now I feel that I am fitting with the way to select medium, depending on necessity for creation or my motivation.
I always keep drawintg and writing. I want to continue to creat even though it is a little by a little.
To be frank with you, compared to the time in Pratt, I am not in a very good circumstance for creation right now. I am struggling in order to get better circumstances for creation. But, I think, art is a long way. And, I feel that now is just beginning.
To me, art is art for art's sake. And also, in a view, art is high quality and intellectual entertaiment. And, art is the study about not only visual but also words, sound and other perceptions and media. And, it is a part of journalism and critique. Some critics are just thinking and informing with using only words. But, we sometimes need to challenge the limit of human perceptions and try to use diverse media. And, the lack of works of art is sometimes the lack of critique. It is not easy for me to talk, " what is art ? " in a short time. But, you might know some of them on this web site.


Yuji Ito