Design, Illust and Photo

I want to use this section a little casually. I want to put various types of works.

I took not only art but also design classes like graphic, book and so on, in Pratt. Actually, I was doing some design works before I went to Pratt. And, recently, I studied graphic, logo in order to get jobs in design field again. And, I skilled Quark and Adobe computer softwares, although, I don't feel like to show the skills on this web site specially.
And, I created this whole web site by myself. I studied HTML onece. But, after all, I used an easy software, PageMille.
I am interested in technology. But, there are a lot of stuffs that we study nowadays. And, it is very difficult to make sure how much I should involve myself in technological stuffs. And, I think that ars (art and science) is also a very interesting field. But, on the other hand, I think that people like computer scientists do not always like computer art and music. And also, people in a large city .

Last fall, I talked a friend whose major was in communication design in New York. She said, " I am interested in not only an exibition but also publishing and show my works to many people." I also have the same opinion. That is one of the reasons that I created this web site. And, we talked about scanning, color copy and printing.

When I was creating this web site, I controled contrasts of my works' photographs. Actually, if we use Photoshop, we can control contrasts of black and white very exactly, what we want with watching a monitor. And also, we can control dimension, when we print images. We can think various combinations among drawing and painting photographed and scanning and printing. We can use printing not only to reproduce but also to get better quality for art.
Actually, I have some drawings which I want to control their contrasts and expand their dimensions and print on a good paper with best resolution. But, a good printing takes a lot of money, although I want to try various possibilities. And, every images on this web site, as I scaned them from printed photographs, its resolution is not best. But, I think, it is enough now.

Anyway, I have a lot of things that I try. And also, I am interested in collaborative projects like scenic design for film or theater. As I have friends who is an architect and a sculptor. I can work with them.

According to photograph, I was taking photographs as my work before I went to Pratt. But, it was not as a professional photographer. I was shooting a lot of short films rather than photograph ago. Now, I am planning some stories and film plots, although I am not sure whether they will be realized successfully or not.
I sometimes take photos now. I took all my works' photos on this site by myself. And also, I put 40 photos in the work, "From Indian Fabric to the Shore of Science" in project-work section on this web site. Please see it.